Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring 2010

We love the weather lately. Judd loves the trampoline. It's hard for mom to watch, but he loves it. Catching some air.

Judd needs a hair cut so bad.

Judd love the four wheeler.

Always wants to help with everything. Loves to help Daddy do all his Chores.

Here is Judd Cheese picture. This is what all my picture look like lately.

What's Judd up to!

Making messes!! He is such a boy, loves to play in dirt. Play rough and loves anything that has to do with balls. Basketball is his favorite. He loves to watch Football. He's favorite show is Blue's clues. He is just so much fun. I can't believe how smart this kid is. He is starting to talk sentences and is growing up way to fast. He loves to say " GO AWAY DEUCE" (That's are dog) Everything is "MINE" Like MY MOMMY, but I love it. I could go on and on about this little guy. I love that he is starting to clean up after himself. He sings, " Clean up, Clean up, everybody do your share." It makes me laugh every time. He learned it at daycare.
Judd loves to eat, and knows where the food is. He runs over to the pantry and grabs everything. He loves Fruit Loops. We just got done with dinner and I was getting him ready for bath time and next thing I know he found the box and spilled them all over the floor, and it was a race between him and Deuce who could eat it faster.

Messy face!
This is the face he does every time I take a picture of him now. He says cheese and them pulls this face.

Eating off the floor.

The only reason why Deuce likes Judd.

Just Dance!!

We got the game for the Wii, Just dance it was so fun. We had the best time. I have a video but Trent would kill me if I posted it.


We had a really good Easter. You are never to old for a good old Easter Egg hunt. The girls got a lot of candy. Kateland stopped just long enough for me to take this picture. Haylee, searching for some eggs!!!


Judd loved just being outside. By the end he was getting excited to find an egg.

My little egg hunter.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The Howells family has been a little busy lately. Judd is growing up way to fast. He is talking, new words everyday. He is so funny, just a ton of fun. He just had his 18 month doctor appt. He weighs 28 pounds. He is good and healthy. I just happy no more shots until he starts school. Haylee is enjoying school. She tries out for Box Elder cheerleader on Wednesday. Wish her luck!! Kateland is good. She loves her dance class and loves hanging out friends. Its crazy how fast this year is going.

This video is Judd and Daddy playing Basketball. It makes me laugh. I can never get a picture of him anymore. He always just wants my camera. I love his little voice.

Trent got a new dirt bike. I do not know alot about it, but he is sure excited!
Judd with Daddy on the new dirt bike!


Trent went to the Nascar race in Vegas. Early March it was a little cold but he had a great time. Here some picture of all the fun. Trents fav driver, Kurt Busch. The number 2 car!
The start of the race.

Trent thinks shes hot!

Maybe next year I will have to go.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The start of a new day!

Today is the first day of my diet. I started the isagnix, it's a 30 day program and I'm excited. So bare with me cause this is now my journal.
I have mixed feeling about dieting but I need to for myself. I still have a lot of baby fat to lose, which is funny cause Judd is no longer a baby. So I will keep you updated on how things go. I will not post my before picture until I have an after. (lol) That is if I dare to.
I have joined the isagnix team, if you would like to find out info on it.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


I feel so blessed this holidays session. I'm so thankful for my beautiful family, my home, and everyone around me. Its been a hard year for us and a lot of changes. Autoliv went through a hard time in January last year which helped me to make some hard decision my life. I left Autoliv to try to become a Dental assistant. (I went to school for it before I got pregnant with Judd.) Found a job in Farr West but took a big pay cut. Long story short, In August we had no idea how to pay for Christmas. Then my brother in law Matt helped me get a job on base Dental assisting in Oct. I'm so thankful to Matt for thinking about me and helping me. Matt saved Christmas for us. I love my job and found something I'm really interested in. We went all out for Christmas this year. Spent a little to much money, but we have been on such a tight budget this year. We felt like spoiling ourselves.
I got a new entertainment center from ikea. It took Trent all day to but together. Trent got a new gun for hunting. Haylee got a new Ipod, clothes, and new bedding for her room. Kateland got a new phone, clothes, and also new bedding. Judd got a big wheel and he loves it. And as a family we got a PS3. Judd on his big wheel
Christmas eve. Judd never looks at the camra

Haylee with her Christmas eve present. (Always PJ's)

Katland with her PJ's

Judd, he's a stud!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daddy and Judd playing!

Judd is such a daddy boy!! He loves to play with him for hours. That helmet that Judd is wearing is really heavy it's Trent's grandpa's from WW2. He loves it! I love this picture .